Toys & Scratchers

Cat scratching posts and scratch or chew toys are great for allowing your cat to sharpen their claws and assist in teething safely. Finding the right furniture for cat also means that they are much less likely to damage your carpet and furniture! We carry a great variety of cat scratching posts and toys in all different sizes and styles that your cats will love. Take your time browsing through our selection of cat towers for sale, where your kitty can both scratch and perch, or consider a scratching post that includes a teaser toy that your kitty can practice their hunting skills on. With all the options here, you are certain to find the perfect one for your cat and your home.

If you are a new cat owner and are concerned for your furniture, get yourself some new cat chew toys or a new scratching post today! There is nothing more satisfying than watching your cat exercise and have fun with its own toys while knowing that your furniture is safe and protected from their claws. Keeping your cat moving and entertained is great for your cats health and helps with the natural bonding process between pet and pet guardian. Be sure to explore all of the wonderful options that we offer here on the website, whether you need a disposable cat litter box for your next trip or a Frolicat Bolt laser pet toy to keep your kitty occupied while you're stuck at work.

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